AT Day 3

Appalachian Trail – Day 3
Feeling very satisfied after today’s 15 miles, which is a lot for a guy to hit right off the couch, especially after a relatively late 9 AM start. But a strong beginning, due to the restorative effects of a full bacon, eggs, toast, avocado, banana, and v8 juice breakfast at the summer cabin of Mr. and Mrs. Mango, my trail friends. Watch for the adventures of Mango with his return to Sonora Pass and points north on the Pacific Crest Trail, on Trailjournals.
Feeling creaky as I pulled off Buck Mountain Road onto the AT. But the engine eventually kicked in on a real roller-coaster of a day.
Jones Falls, Laurel Fork this afternoon. Unrelenting 100 foot ups and down along side hills around 3,500 feet. So beautifully-tended trails, over natural contours edging boulders and dense rhododendron groves.
I ran out of gas at about 2 PM, which was good. I downed a quart of water, a bar, and three ibuprofen. Five minutes later, I was able to move easier, smoother. The rest of the day was unrelenting uphills, then a down into the Moreland Gap shelter. Motley crowd of 8 here for the night. I’m excited to be sleeping in the shelter tonight.


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