Training done

Spent two more days hiking the Georges Highland Path. This is an excellent local trail. On Saturday Guthook, Hans, and I parked at the Barnestown lot then headed up and back to Bald Mountain where we had good views of Mount Washington, then we went up and over Ragged Mountain all the way to Rt. 17. I think it was somewhere near 10 miles, and I had a 35 pound pack on, traning myself up.
On Monday, Guthook and I hiked 4.5 miles further on the GHP, wrapping up the section from 17 up over Spruce Mountain, past Mt. Pleasant Road and ending at the trailhead lot at the Mt. Pleasant farm.
That’s it for the training. I consider myself fortunate that Guthook had the idea to hike all the trails in Camden Hills State park, and now the GHP. We had great views, decent weather, and I even bought a GPS, a used Garmin Geko unit at 2 ounces. I am interested in using it to track local hikes and bike rides, and upload the data files to use in Google Maps on this website.
I am struggling to get to Tennessee today, after my flight there from Portland has been cancelled. Now I have to fly to NY, then to Charlotte, then to TriCities.
If all goes well I should be hiking the AT by 9 AM tomorrow.
Couple pieces of interesting news: for those of you who have followed the PCT hike, and remember me hiking with the New Zealander Hurricane- he’s on the CDT this season, attempting a thru hike and has a journal on Postholer at
Also, Mango has just offered me some Trail Magic Friday, fetching me up from the AT.
And, I am sitting here with Paul Chartrand commiserating about the hassles of flying. Paul and I hiked Baldpate together on Oct. 30 this past year. We’re now on the same flight to La Guardia.
The close circle of hiking friends.


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