Slippin’ and slidin’ in the Camden Hills

“Goals are good, “said Guthook, as we ascended the slippery as snot ridge of boulders and granite from Barrett’s Cove up above the Millerite Ledges on the Maiden’s Cliff trail this morning.

Guthook and the big cross
We had NO views, as the humidity was over the top, wind was blowing about 20 mph, and the fog was like pea soup. It was spitting, and sometimes raining, but nothing like the deluge that has hit Vermont lately. This is day 3 of our effort to hike all the trails In Camden Hills State Park. Five hours and 10.5 miles later we were back to the car that we spotted at Stevens Corner- wet, a bit muddy, and ” trained up”, as I call it.
Wet on Zeke's (It's the trail, you West Coast folks).
I had loaded 30 pounds of weight lifting plates into the bright red 1970’s vintage Trailwise external frame backpack, hoping I could morph into better shape for my Tennessee/Virginia section piece on the Appalachain Trail next week.
UT strapped into The Rack

After we checked off the Maiden’s Cliff region, we took the 0.3 mile connector to the Zeke’s Trail, where we went through the motions of reaching Zeke’s Lookout (1204′), then descended to the Ski Lodge Trail on Zeke’s, eventually reaching the Sky Blue Trail, my favorite in the park. It doesn’t have the views, but it is just laid out so beautifully, traversing lichen encrusted ridges, stone walls, and streams, gently going up and down all the while. We took the Cameron Mountain trail all the way back to the Heald Shelter ruin near the Bald Rock Mountain trail, and lumbered downhill the 1.2 miles back to the car.
I’m beat.

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