Thirty Pounds on the Back

Hit Moody Mountain late yesterday afternoon with a loaded pack. The ascent is a steep 200′ in elevation climb. I walked 45 minutes out and the same back.
I also received a phone call from M&M, AT GA-ME 2007. He’s from Rochester, NY. Today he’s in San Diego, setting ip to try and thru hike the PCT. He told me he’s had shoulder and knee surgery since the AT, that he’s 25 pounds overweight, that he hasn’t put on a backpack since 2007, that he’s got all new gear he hasn’t tried out, and he’s hiking with his inexperienced brother. What do you think the chances are?
Another approach is that of Craig, from Union, ME. He also thrued the AT, I think in 2004. He too had bought a ticket to San Diego to thru the PCT, but changed his plans after realizing the snowpack in the Sierras is the deepest since the 1960’s. Instead, he’s hiking the AT again.
I’ll keep you posted on how these two guys do on their big hikes.

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