Ramping and Mapping up the Training

On Sunday, Guthook and I put in just over 15 miles on the trails in Camden Hill State Park. We started at 8 AM and were finished by 2 PM.
The goal is to GPS map the whole park and we are bout half way there. Guthook got the idea for us to use bicycles to get into the heart of the park and save time to hike. We initially rode the big uphill from Steven’s Corner past the Bald Rock Trail until we reached the Ski Shelter, where we stashed our bikes in the woods and hiked the Summer Bypass Trail to the Multi-use Trail, then humped on to the Nature Trail over to the Tableland Trail, ascending to Ocean Lookout,

Ocean Lookout
then back to the top of Megunticook again. Over near the end of the Multi-use trail we encountered Trevor Mills, who was well into his 23 mile run.
Trevor Mills
Trevor is a superior physical therapist who has successfully treated me in the past at his business Snow, Sport, and Spine.
From the top, we descended the Slope Trail over some residual ice and snow where we hopped back on the bikes, and went a quick yo-yo onto the .07 miles we missed on the Multi-use Trail, then rode back to bang off the ( 1.6 mile) up and back trail to the top of Bald Rock Mountain ( 1100″).
Here’s the result of Guthook’s work in tracking our progress over two day’s hiking , and then working with software to establish the results on a Google map of the Park:

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