Week #1 in the Moment

Last night was cold, had a 40 degree bag, and it was marginal. After I zipped up the tent it warmed up inside and I had the best sleep yet. Plenty of room. No need to adjust sag despite the 50 degree temp span. May not be obvious to the casual user, but improvement in the zipper function over the two-hands needed Rainbow is appreciated.
I also enjoyed the ease involved in moving the unit. I has to re-orient the opening to eliminate the bright lights of the Camp Bamboozle lighting extravaganza. All it took was pulling one of the two stakes, pivoting the tent on the remaining one, and then the nod stake reset. I used a tube of seam sealer to re pay the areas that showed some weeping after it rained a few days ago.
It’s awful hot here during the day, close to 90. Here’s Tenzing/ Clarkie demonstrating his latest WalMart camping goodie- a battery operated cooling fan which also mists water on your face. I hope he didn’t pay too much for it.

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