Winter cycling in April

Hit the road today on the bike for a 20 mile ride after a couple weeks of cold, wet , and as of two days ago, snowy weather. It was 32 degrees when I left the house.

7:20 AM Heading Out
There was considerable ice and slop on the driveway, but on the asphalt the surface was mostly clear.
Some of my southern brethren are amazed at what we have to endure to keep moving outside here in Maine.
Here’s what I wear from top to bottom when bicycling down to 14 degrees, which is my own personal record for riding outdoors.
-Patagonia Windstopper balaclava
-Tifosi wrap around glasses with interchangeable lenses

TORSO= next to skin
t-shirt wool
midlayer- Patagonia long sleeve turtleneck
outer layer- North Face softshell Windstopper jacket
Reflective mesh vest
hands- chemical heat packs inside of US Army surplus mitten shells with wool mitten liners

-regular Lycra bicycling shorts
-Patagonia -Coolweather tights
-light wool socks
-Northwave winter riding shoes with neoprene inserts
( if below 25 degrees or windy out I wear battery powered electric socks)

One thought on “Winter cycling in April

  1. Joe "Catch-Up"

    You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din! I too have been riding all winter, but changed to walking four miles a day while in Florida. Then foolishly picked up riding where I left off, went on a tenmile bike ride when I returned, and my knees have been hurting. Oh well. Now – do you have one of those seat warmers for your bike???? If not —- Brrrrrr!


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