April 1 blizzard


-Associated Press:
“In Maine, the coastal town of Hope and the town New Sharon, 60 miles inland, both saw a foot of snow, and many locations approached that amount. But Portland saw only a half-foot of snow, far below the city’s record of 11.1 inches for an April Fools’ storm in 1922.”
I had more than a foot, just 2 miles from the Hope border, but 400′ in elevation.

3 thoughts on “April 1 blizzard

  1. About 8″ in Belfast, but let’s not forget that it was WET and HEAVY snow, too! When I was on the AT there was a big snowstorm on April 9 if I remember right. That’s the last time I can remember a bit April snowstorm. Tons of fun! Did you get out on your snowshoes a bit?


    1. Heading out Sunday morning over to Camden Hills or Mt. Pleasant. You are welcome to come along. I absolutely love the Lightning Axis snowshoes, so much better than the Tubbs/LLBean’s that broke. Call me for Camden hiking.


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