Trek Across Lincolnville To The Sea: part 3 of 3

We made it out before the rains came to wash the big snow away. It always comes down to this, on these weekend trips- packing up, retracing steps, and coming home.
In the end, Roy’s back held up. Dave and Kristi had fun. Clarkie played out the persona of Tenzing with aplomb. We did miss Pat’s happy affect on the second night. We helped each other on the way out, with Dave’s sled sucking up the additional weight of Roy’s backpack, with the twin Percheron team of Tenzing and Uncle Tom in double harness, relieving Dave of most of the hauling. We did have some issues with the plastic sled tipping over, but there were no home made pies to worry about on the way out.

Tenzing, Roy, and Dave

What’s good about a backpacking trip is that it is so easy to put away gear when you reach home. In my case, I keep the backpacking stuff in a few plastic bins upstairs in an unused bedroom, so it’s often just dry the bag and pad up on a second floor landing where the heat from the wood stove work its magic, and then toss the dirty clothes in the washer and that’s it.
Kristi beamed triumphant as she mastered the ice in the parking lot.
Kristi on the ice
We’ll be back, and you should consider renting the ski shelter for your own enjoyment in Camden Hills state park.

3 thoughts on “Trek Across Lincolnville To The Sea: part 3 of 3

  1. Pat Hurley

    The shelter at Camden hills state Park is a real gift to the area. I can remember years ago coming across the trail and just seeing this slab with a beautiful chimney just sitting there. Who ever had a hand in rebuilding this structure, THANK YOU ! I had a great time with you guys and look forward to doing it again , I”ll sign up for 2 nights and I’ll even bring a coffee pot 🙂


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