Trek Across Lincolnville To the Sea: Part 2 of 3

“This is it. This is finally looking like pirogis,” said Roy as he hovered over Dave’s gigantic fry pan.

Polish Power

The pan was brimming with rapidly browning cabbage and potato cheese pirogies as well as kielbasa links. The melted butter base was also sauteeing up sliced onions, both green and whole. They sour cream garnish is ready, willing, and able. Did I fail to mention that the first course was kapusta, the millennial-old gustatory fusion of sauerkraut, shredded pork, garlic, onions, and split peas?
” I never thought they would come out this good, cooked like this, ” murmured Roy.

We didn’t go far in the rain today. But Roy revived his back and Tenzing, Roy and I were able to hike up to the top of 1, 385 foot Mt. Megunticook and schloosh our way steeply down in time for a modest lunch.
Dave and Tenzing were busy reading and planning.

It's Dave , it's a mystery.
Prudent Planning?

We only had one visitor today, a snowmobiler who was up visiting his brother who lived over by Slab City Road. He borrowed to sled from his brother, brand new a week ago and who had unfortunately broken up his knee on a ride just two days after he bought the unit.
No phone reception, no electricity, no TV here brought us back to the way life used to be before we became connected. Meaning another early to bed night.

Kristi and the Purple Cloud

Pat went home this morning vacating a bottom bunk that fit my Big Agnes Air Core mattress perfectly, the plush thickness elevating me above the top of the sideboard so that I had plenty of space to stretch out.

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