Winter “Camping” at Tanglewood

John and I made the 1 mile haul into camp Friday afternoon.

I have extra hauling toboggans that John and Tug borrowed to get their gear into Dogtrot cabin.

Walking the access road
The cabin had not been heated for a while, so the single digit temperatures and wind Friday night required that the Tempwood wood stove be loaded 5 times in the night. I was sleeping as far away from the stove as possible in a lower bunk in my 20 degree Western Mountaineering down bag. I was hoping the air inside would cool down more than it did.
We share the cooking duties out here for two nights and days. I volunteered to do everything for Friday night supper except the cherry pie that Dave made himself. My meal was Chicken and Italian Sausage and garlic bread from the Slow Cooker Bible. I had Spicy Thai chips with hummus for an appetizer. I even hauled in the crock pot, which did double duty this weekend, lending a hand to Tug’s Saturday night Pot Roast. We eat really well here on this annual event. Pat provides the coffee, Ethiopian this year, and we have an assortment of percolators and espresso makers that work hard to keep up with our consumption. The standing joke, which is the truth, is that our first year here, some 15 years ago, we spent a whole weekend with candles and cooking on the wood stove before we realized there was electricity in the cabin. The only way we discovered electricity was seeing the second hands on the electric wall clock move after we’d already been there two days.
What do we do here besides eat and drink coffee?
Woofing down in the main section

We also hike around the countryside, and read a lot. On Saturday afternoon we took a hike on a frozen snowmobile trail out to Pitcher Pond. Here is a shot of a really old suspension bridge that snowmobile riders use to get across the Ducktrap River.
At night, it gets dark.
Dogtrot Cabin
You can get lost using the outhouse, so we generally take flashlights with us. There was even a time we had a grumpy porcupine living under the outhouse that we had to battle with.
All of us are rested tonight, at home, and ready for the next big adventure tomorrow- Valentine’s Day!

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