New Snowshoes + Fresh Powder

Been hitting alternate exercise modes in an attempt to “ spread the damage”  on impact on my body.  For this end, I have employed snowshoes, new ones, to move about the Maine countryside these past couple of weeks. I had trashed a pair of Tubbs style last year that I bought at L.L. Bean’s and wasn’t able to get a replacement pair, as they were sold out for the season.  So I took the $169 in cash and put that toward a pair of 30” MSR Lightning Axis which were about $100 more, a cost softened by purchase through an unmentioned PCT thru-hiking friend who bought them through his pro deal ( with my money).
They weigh 3 pounds, and the best feature is the one time ( for each pair of boots) toe strap adjustment that, with the two-second heel strap procedure has me into them in seconds.  I did not try the Ergo Televator Heel lifter which can be activated on steeper terrain.

After Ian and Mark found my 12:30 PM hiking invite on Facebook and we successfully completed a 7.5 mile slog up over the side of Cameron Mountain then down Zeke’s Trail in the Camden Hills State Park.

Follow the route

There was 1.1 miles of unbroken 2 foot powder on the steepest uphill section of Zeke’s, where we each took turns breaking trail. After we reached the Ski Lodge trail we went 0.4 miles south to get out of the cold at the new Lodge, which had a young couple in there next to a glowing wood stove.  What a break it was from the biting cold, which had to be in single numbers or close to it by the time we got back to our cars at 4:30 PM. As I type this tonight it is only 3 degrees out, accompanied by a steady wind.  The next two days are supposed to be the coldest temperatures of two years in these parts.

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