Night Hiking

It’s started. On Thursday night The Bubbas sponsored a 4 mile round trip hike from the Carriage Road parking area on Route 52 on Mountain Street in Camden up to the Ocean Lookout near the very top of 1385 foot Mt. Megunticook. Sure it was crazy. It was pitch black when the three of us we started at 6:30 PM, and there were sheets of ice created from the overflow from recent torrential rain storms, plus it was 19 degrees out but I was looking forward to this hike as much as much as I can remember, and I’ve been walking in places that most American dream about in these past 6 months. I was really pleased that I kept up with the other young guys. It took us a couple of hours to get up and back, and when we made it to the top the skies had cleared and we had a clear view of stars in the black sky and the broad expanse of Penobscot Bay, with the Christmas-like lights of Camden Harbor way down below.

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