Classic Backpacking Literature

The ultimate journey: Canada to Mexico down the Continental Divide,The ultimate journey: Canada to Mexico down the Continental Divide, by Eric Ryback
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Classic Ryback. Boy wonder carries 65 pound backpack on the fledgling Continental Divide Trail. Wears blue jeans, heavy boots, external frame pack, freezes beneath a tarp, carries 16 days of food, tolerates serious depression, never mentions anything about town stops, all done in a crisp, fresh writing style way beyond his years. Thanks to my sister-in-law V8 for loaning me this long out-of-print book.

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One thought on “Classic Backpacking Literature

  1. Hey Tom,

    Hope all is well there. I found and started reading a book at the Mohican Outdoor Center In NJ during one of my ’08 AT hikes. A gentleman named Colin FLetcher hiked the esplanade of Grand Canyon NP in the late 1960’s, where there was no established trail. It is called “The Man Who Walked Through Time”. Very interesting journey before there was all this new equipment and freeze-dried food, etc. Long out of print but I can send a copy if you would like. At the moment, a friend has it. She should be through with it in a couple of weeks.
    Porter Morgan


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