Week 2

Idyllwild Inn
Zero day

Waiting out another day to let the precip diiminish. It never snowed here, but drizzled, dropped into the 40’s and the wind is now picking up.
it’s pretty clear that we are part of the first wave of hikers trying to thru hike the PCT this season. There are at least 24 hikers in town. Some are just a couple, three days ahead of us and are back here regrouping. They return sobered, sharing tales of nonexistent streams, boiling snow for drinking water, dangerous exposure in a treacherous footpath, and mandatory use of compass and map in order to move above the invisible snowed-in trail.
Love this place. They gave us us additional $20 discount that brought our individual cost today to $12.
We are making full use of the kitchen. We’ve collaborated in keeping the place clean and orderly, cooked meals together, and have freely shared our varied skills in getting here.
The Mayor was stil lugging the can of Spam he pulled out of the hiker box back at Warner Springs. We put an end to that tonight when we wowed the living room crowd with our Spam Stir Fry. Diced potatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, and Spam was satueed to perfection, then slathered with melted cheddar, and further enhanced by liberal application of red hot sauce. The Mayor was really impressive in his ability to navigate a kitchen.
Based on our sucess with the Spam, the Mayor and I are planning to collaborate on breakfast as well. We both have been carrying some sort of “super grits” we were gifted with at ADZPCTKO. We are excited to be adding butter, half-and-half, bacon bits, and more to the blend.
I’ve been without headphones for my iPods since maybe day 3. I lost them. Must have set them down and forgot, or dropped them. I have been unable to find any place that sold them. This afternoon I found a pair in the Hiker Box right here at the Idyllwild Inn.
I’m trailing off on the leather couch aminst Psycho and Apricots, Corey, MeGaTex, and Train. The TV is on, Utah vs Denver NBA Playoffs. Last night it was fun outside camping in the sand. It’s fun today just doing our own thing. The bonds that form between us hikers happens on and even off the PCT.

For the daily report go
PCT trailjournal

5 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. jory

    hi tom, it’s great to follow along with you! We’re in our new house in downtown camden, and i’m busier than a bee restoring a friend’s R60/5. getting paid for this is as good as it gets. i have belmont motorcycles lacing new spokes. is Micah a good man? seems kinda abrupt, socially…

    anyway, look forward to you being on the march again. keep on trucking….jory


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