Week 1 on the Pacific Crest Trail

Going to put weekly updates here As I do daily reports at http:/www.trailjournals.com/tjamrogPCT

Day 8
San Yesidro Creek campsite to Warner Springs 5.5 miles
Yikes. Within 1 degree of breaking the 85 year record for cold here. Jimmy and I formed a pact last night that we were going to get a real breakfast and we awoke in light rain, packed up, and at 6:40 AM proceeded to fight the cold winds by steady churning of the legs. The General and Louis were in their tents when we left. The wind picked up and as we were coming into some open country around Eagle Rocks. I spotted trouble in the form of a black cloud on the horizon and within 30 seconds the rain changed to sleet, then snow. We were in shorts. Our hands were cold, mine Inside Windstopper gloves. We were clenching and wiggling our fingers in order to make them functional. We did the only thing that works to generate body heat in these conditions, which was to keep moving, and quickly.
So here we are for the next 36 hours at a resort called Warner Springs. They discount hiked down about half from the $150 a night rate. MeGaTex has a three bed cottage for $74 plus tax. The heater has been on full blast. We have a fridge and working fireplace. They have a killer breakfast burrito for $5 in the Grill. The Mayor ( Jim’s new trail name) discovered complimentary coffee in the lobby starting at 6 am, saving us the $2.50 cup charge at the table.
We also soaked in the beautiful, opympic sized hot springs. Towels and fresh drinking water provided. Lots of hikers and dozen or so Japanese couples in the water.
Great meal in the restaurant, on a big table with the Lady Train and the Kiwis. Big burger, fries, $5.50 margarita. Good talk, big energy. Saw Terrapin Flyer and Granite in the dining room. They pushed a 21 miler to get out of the snow , wind, a cold to get here. Typical New England response to what is sending now 4 people here home.
Our timing is perfect to be here, sheltered, warm and fed at reasonable prices. We are loving Warner Springs.

Tom Jamrog
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