Packing Triscuits

Two more days here.
I just completed 15 miles in Camden Hills State Park with a 40 pound pack. Went in at Lincolnville’s Stevens Corner parking lot, went 2.75 to Ski Shelter , then climbed up Slope trail to Megunticook Summit, then over to Ocean Lookout and then over to Tableland trail to the Mt. Battie Road. Went up to top of Battie, all the way back down to Park entrance. Back

View out to Penobscot Bay from over the Camden Hills

toward the car up Multiuse/Ski Lodge trail, but for extra mile took the side trip up to Bald Rock Mountain. Came down off the back side toward Frohock Mtn. and looped back to the car.  I  am pretty pleased my feet didn’t get a blister or ripped up.  I have reconditioned orthotics that I am  working in.
Have one more long hike to get in, today or tomorrow.  Supposed to get down to 32 degrees tonight.  Might be good conditions for an early morning hike tomorrow.
Things are complicated by new lightweight boots ( Bushmaster)  that my brother Roy sent me.  New Balance just acquired OTB, a small military shoe company from Vermont that supplies come of the special forces, including Navy Seals.  They are reported to be tested footwear in hot conditions, dumping copious moisture from the feet. They feel good, are light and I just may take them, but need to wear them on a long hike first. I am told that soldiers wear them in the 110 degree desert with 50 pound in their packs where the boots have held up for a year or so.
I’ve really made progress on whacking down the to-do list, including prepaying bills. I installed two new garage door openers and a outside motion detector unit on the shed. In the next day and a half some things will get done and many more won’t.  I am not excited yet.  It is very difficult for me to disengage from my life for 6 months.  I’ve been putting it off, but I have to clean out the outhouse at the camp.  A fact of life in the Maine woods.

Here’s a tip from the world of packing food for a hike.

Where did all the Triscuits go? In the box!

This is a photo of an actual full box of Triscuits that has been cut down to fit all the Triscuits, in stacked form, rather than loose in the box.  Saves space in shipping boxes.

3 thoughts on “Packing Triscuits

  1. Donna Allen

    Gabe and I will be following your travels. Be sure and stop over at Green Gulch near the John Muir park just north of the Golden Gate bridge if the trail goes through there. Lovely Buddist retreat with open meditations on Sunday.
    Will share your electronics report with Gabe today for his comments.Very best of health and interesting adventures on your trek. We will be at Crocthed Mt in New Hampshire for the next month, then home to WInterport.


  2. Mame

    I must admit, you are doing the most amazing job of extricating yourself from civilian life. I can guarantee that at some point en route to the west coast you will POP into Trail World, knowing that the vast majority of essentials are well taken care of at home. There’s a reason you got named Commander Honeydew!


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