Sponsors for PCT

Sponsors! I got ’em!

Four Dog Stove Co. from St Francis, MN 55070. PH: 763-444-9587 ( “since 1988”) is my major sponsor. Four Dog is Don Kevilus, from whom I have bought numerous items, including stoves, books, saws, axes, and back country gear. Last year, Don sent me a prototype of his multi-fuel ( wood, solid fuel tablet, alcohol, charcoal) 2.4 oz. titanium Bushcooker LT1, which has stood the test of dozens of  canoe, winter, backpack, and car camping usages.

Bushcooker LT1

Check out my blog  2009 review of the LT 1.  Four Dog provided me with an LT1  stove and a custom titanium windscreen.  Don also custom altered a Snowpeak Trek 700 Titanium mug with tabs and a bail wire, lightened the lid, and threw in a two cases of Coughlan solid fuel tabs . Don also provided a fixed blade 2 oz. high carbon Mora knife, which he altered ( ground down the side opposite the blade ) to allow use as a striker on a tiny ferrocerium rod, for use as an all-weather fire starter. Four Dog also supplied me with 7 cases of Mountain House freeze dried meals, enough to provide dinners  on my  9 later PCT Maildrops. I consider Don to be my stove mentor, who has shared with me insights, facts, and tips about cooking, boiling, and solid fuel ( deadwood) fire preparation and wilderness living techniques that I have not found elsewhere.

Rock City Coffee Roasters is provided me a couple of REALLY big bags of Darkstar, a dark, rich, smooth, full bodied, and beautifully balanced blend.  The combination of real coffee with the multi-fuel stove will be a surefire one-two punch, because I won’t have to scrimp on fuel to boil up the two cups of coffee I’ll enjoy each day on the PCT.

My brother Roy works for New Balance.  He provided me with ample pile of New Balance’s  Lightning Dry acrylic socks.

While they didn’t have one in stock for me to purchase, four days later an employee at the Patagonia Freeport, ME outlet store sent me a free 3.7 oz. Houdini jacket.  I had told him that I wanted it to hike the PCT after I had followed the Patagonia employee blog where Adam Bradley raved about the jacket that he used on his record breaking PCT hike last year.

Last, but not least, is a special item, from an artist and writer that I met on my 2007 AT thru hike.  Michelle Ray, AKA Birdlegs, and author of  “How to Hike the AT: The Nitty Gritty Details of a Long Distance Trek“. According to one of the many favorable Amazon customer reviews, ”  Michelle Ray’s AT guide book is the most current, concise, and entertaining resource for anyone even considering hiking the Appalachian Trail”.  Michelle took the focus, effort, and time to craft and mail me a tiny fetish, which is just a little smaller than an animal cracker , that  “has the power to bring you easy hitch hiking and many free beers”.

It’s a great day up here, one week before me and my little army start rollin’ north for a couple thousand miles. 

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