Ragged Mountain Hike

Sitting on top of Ragged Mountain after grunting up the ski trails. Somehow found out that my friend Mike was headed up here today so we made it up together.

Mike Gundel walking in ski boots
I am not sure Mike was able to ski down. We encountered a lift attendant at the top of the mountain that informed me it was against the rules for someone to just walk up the slopes to the summit and ski down. I’m heading down the 2.5 mile trail to Rt. 17. Got to be careful. I forgot my Stabilicers. The summit of ragged is 1260 feet, and starting at the parking lot, you gain 1,000 feet of elevation in just a mile.
Summit View of Penobscot Bay behind frozen Mirror Lake

Note: The text only initial post was accomplished from the top of Ragged via connecting with Verizon Mi-Fi through an iPod Touch. The post was dictated into the iPod’s regular earbuds/mike with the free Dragon Dictate app that converted the audio voice into text, which was then copied and pasted into the WordPress mobile app.

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