Carter Dome

We had an exceptionally pleasing day summiting Carter Dome today, a 4,800 footer in a range of just to the east of Mt. Washington.
The footpath was almost perfect, given the fact that concussion city would have been a real option without the use of Stabilicers or Yaktrax on our feet. There were some nasty ice flows along Nineteenmile Brook on the way up, one in particular that was sloped to send you straight down one the ice covered waters just below it. One the way down we encountered an immobilized trio of young women who were in rubber boots and I decided to help one across rather than have to deal with a possible serious fall.
No need for snowshoes, but there was freshly packed powder on the last section, on the AT, heading 1.5 miles south to the summit. Ohm fell off the trail once and swam for a while in the powder before he was able to grt back upright. The snow was shockingly deep. Rangoon reached off trail and was not able to reach bottom even entending his Leki pole and his long arm.
We ran into two women at the summit from Portland who were good friends with a couple I know from Lincolnville.
It was around 30 degrees out most of the day, with enough sun breaking through the clouds to make it pleasant.
It was deeply satisfying for me to be hiking in formation again behind Rangoon, with Birdlegs, Quartermoon, Ohm,and BL’s librarian friend David right behind.
The descent was a blast. We ran down the middle 1.9 mile section; skittering, shuffling, and sliding through the seven switchbacks and safely remaining upright in the process.
We made record time today, taking just 6 hours to complete the 10.4 mile round trip. Plus we get to hang together tonight and go out on the trail tomorrow and do it all again.

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