Hikers in Paradise

We’re already sliding back here at Hiker Paradise.
Rangoon and Uncle Tom are waiting for Birdlegs and the rest of the crew with the hopes for a good day of hiking tomorrow.
To slide back one just has to exist here. Although we had originally rented a room with three beds, and now there were just the two of us, the wife of the owner, Mrs. Janicki told us, “There’s nothing I can do about that,” as she proceeded to charge us the full $75 per room per night.
Then I volunteered myself to take the key to Birdleg’s adjacent room, but now Bruno himself appeared and requested that I pony up my credit card for the additional charge of $150 to do him the favor of not getting out of bed after midnight to let her and the other two guys in tonight.
I asked him why he couldn’t just bill the credit card she reserved the original two rooms with and he replied, with a deadpanned, “I need to run the actual card, or else they charge me two percent !”
So the Goon and I are safely ensconced here, tucked into our cigarette hole burned quilts away from the spiderwebs along the medicine chest and the leaky toilet noise in 26 degree downtown grey Gorham, New Hampshire, where the wind outside is nowhere near as strong as it is on the top of Mount Washington where it is 11.6°F and the wind is 52.6 mph, putting the wind chill at -15.1°F.
We’re going up someplace near there tomorrow.

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