Eagle and the Overcoat

Sometimes what is real is more like a dream.
It happened to me on Friday, at about 8:30 AM , driving up Route 3 to Augusta for a legislative work session where the format was not familiar to me. It was an event that would be leaden with conflict, and as I was fretting about what to say, and how to say it, I encountered a most unique situation. We used to call such an event a Happening, like when you actually encounter a large tree spontaneously crashing to the ground in the still forest.
I was last in a line of several cars, behind a slower moving vehicle on the two-laned highway, heading uphill with several vehicles coming alongside us from the opposite direction. Suddenly, I caught the first glimpse of motion that appeared at the top of my windshield. A fully mature bald eagle swooped and hovered not 10 feet above the tops of the cars, it’s tail feather braking the descent, and although I passed below it rapidly, I understood that the giant raptor was likely waiting for a break in the traffic to lift some roadkill. The wingspan took up almost half of the roadway, and (I looked it up) likely approached the adult female maximum of 7 feet.
I didn’t know it then, but the eagle might have guided me on my long day in Augusta, where I had to be patient, dodge the oncoming traffic of ideas, and wait for the chance to get what I needed out of the day.
On the one hour drive back home, I plugged in the iPod and listened to the Podcast of my friend Lock’s Matinicus Wannabee 2/8/10 show on WRFR FM. Most of the music was familiar to me, but then I heard an beautiful deep voice speaking to me: Lock’s choice of Heather Masse’s I Don’t Wanna Wake Up Today, with the stunning repetitive last line of >
wake me up
pick me up
put an overcoat on me
and push me outside

You gotta love it when the universe gives you clear instructions.

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