Saturday Night at the Fireworks

I freakin’ froze on the top of Mt. Battie. We planned on the fireworks being launched at 6 pm from information I downloaded from the Camden website. It only took us 17 minutes to hike out from Dogtrot to the car and got to Camden early so we went to Village Variety for a hot drink where a sign said the fireworks were at 5:30 and one of the twins working there told us that is what the local papers had as well. At that point it was 4:52 PM so we shot back up North on Rt. 1 to the parking lot and walked really fast, making it to the top by 5:29 PM. The sunset was impressive.

Sunset from Mt. Battie
No one else up there. We eventually dialed 1-800-askCathy, the standard information center for all my friends in the Midcoast area, where Cathy herself told us her and Hank decided it was too cold and they were home, warm by the fire. Ms. Information Central verified that was 5:30.
It was 6 PM when they launched the show, so we had to endure another 1/2 hour of bitter cold wind and single digit temps.
John and Pat Livin' It Up
While we were waiting, my friend Eric, his daughter Kayla, and his wife and dog showed up. The fireworks looked tiny from up at 800 feet above the harbor. The show was extremely impressive. Harbor LightsMore drama ensued after Eric told us that a woman wearing a long down coat passed them near the top, said hello as she passed, and she never passed them going down as they reached the top and joined us. John had invited his wife Anne to join us, but we had to leave before our intended 5:15 departure from the lot to the top. John couldn’t roust Anne at home and didn’t have her cell number with him. John never saw the fireworks, because he left to look for her. After watching the fireworks, Eric shared a thermos of hot chocolate with us and Pat and I jogged down, me desperately trying to get warm. We found John at the bottom but no Anne. While we were driving back to walk into camp again Anne called John and said she was not able to easily find us and headed back down. The warm camp felt great and we almost ate all of the pot roast.
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