French Toast and the Outhouse

` We made it through the frigid night by taking turns stoking the Tempwood wood stove when we each got up to pee.
I got up in the half-light at 6:30 AM and had the coffee percolator working it’s magic in no time. John had volunteered to make breakfast so it was egg and milk mix thawing time and before we knew it John had whipped up a masterful lumberjack-style breakfast of sausage, and french toast ( from cinnamon raisin bread), complete with Maine maple syrup and butter.

The Real Chef
John’s fine tuning of the crispy toast would not have been possible without Gary’s willingness to haul in his trusty Coleman camp stove year after year, and the duty that this appliance has served and the meals that it has fired are legendary in our memories.
Gary's Mighty Coleman

No summary of a Tanglewood weekend is complete without mention of the facility’s own elimination evacuation station, which itself was working overtime in response to the gustatory overload that we ours this February weekend. Two Johns Some know it as an outhouse.
This simple camp life has drawn us here for a winter walking and sort-of-camping break from the grind for the past fifteen years. Gary Rocketing Downhill We skidded down the hill and hauled our gear out for the last time in 2010, ready for showers, and yet reluctant to part company but….. We vowed to do it again .
Don’t try and bother us on Feb 11-13, 2011. We’re on it!

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