Walking Along the Ducktrap River

Went for a hike this afternoon along the Ducktrap River.

Ducktrap River
There were huge chunks of ice littering the shores, remnants of a massive overflow that must have occurred a couple of weeks ago when we received three inches of rain in a 24 hour period and the temperatures rose into the 40’s.
Ice Along the Ducktrap
At one point, we have to detour around a broken bridge, but Iron John broke through the ice but emerged with dry foot.
John Deals with Treachery
I could launch into a rant about where the hell are all the outdoor enthusiasts, but I won’t. Well, not too much a rant.
Here we have a brilliant sunny clear weekend day with all these groomed cross country ski trails in this facility and we’ve only seen two skiers all day. Being out here again reminds me of how easy it is for anyone to ski or just walk in along a wild salmon river and explore bird and animal tracks in the powder snow. The patterns that the water and ice make in their interactions on the river are enchanting, and unobservable anywhere but right here, today.
Big Cube
I do appreciate that I can still find friends, and even some family, that are willing to walk through the snow in the dark and cold and be outdoors with me.
The Adventurers

One thought on “Walking Along the Ducktrap River

  1. Tom — regarding your “rant” about “where is everyone?” I know what you mean. This past summer, I kayaked nearly every morning on “my” lake – just 1 mile down the road from my home. I would go out in the pre-dawn light and I would wonder, “where the heck is everyone?” Here is this lake (with homes all around – with lake frontage or a short walk for anyone) and no one is here. It is “easy and free of charge” There was one fellow enthusiast who had a single man scull and 2 fishermen who fished from the dock at the state boat launch. All this beauty in God’s little wonderland and no takers! Anyway — see, I could rant too – but I won’t. (Ooops, I just did) I sooooo enjoy my lake and kayak and morning walks with my dog – that I write about it in my blog too. Check it out —- if you ever have 36 hours in your day, instead of 24!!! Take care, sheri


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