Spinncycles and Snowshoes

My To-Do list is taking on the specter out of a Stephen King horror story. Yikes, my wife reminded me that I have 90 days or so before I start hiking in California. One thing that is coming along OK is my fitness, especially this past week, when I got in four 1-hour shirt-drenching Spinning ( bicycling) workouts at the YMCA, and two snowshoeing hikes on top of decent conditions, with 5-10 more inches of fresh powder predicted for today.
I did the first full blown winter snowshoeing night hike of my life on Tuesday night when five of us did a 3 mile loop up and over 1,100 foot Bald Rock Mountain in Lincolnville, ME. It was down to the single numbers out, and the wind was blowing on top, so the requisite photo was quick, but we did get the unique pleasure of looking out across Penobscot Bay and checking out the lights on the islands and the more concentrated glow of Camden and Rockland in the distance.

Bubbas on Top in the Cold

I was the only one without snowshoes, but my Stabilicers did fine at keeping me upright, and the loop that we chose had been traveled before, and was packed down enough and refrozen so that I didn’t posthole through the crust.
Then yesterday ( Sunday) I joined my friends Rick and Craig over to one of our regular mountain bicycling routes in Rockland known as The Bog, where we were shocked to find out that we would be breaking trail in the deep fresh powder than fell in last week’s storm.
Craig and Rick on Highland Path
We took turns (mostly Rick and Craig) going first, which is always the most work in fresh snow, and wound out way along the Georges Highland Path, finishing up with 4.5 registered on Rick’s GPS.
One of the rituals we’ve been launching is to take the time to have a “ boil up” in the latter part of these hikes.
Enjoying a Boil Up
Like little boys, we’re excited to playing with fire, as we cook up drinks and eat our snacks.

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