Deer In the Dooryard

We had a big snow storm here this weekend.  Deer, deer everywhere.  The new snow makes it easier to see where they came from and what they are looking for.

The morning after the big storm

When I walked up to the road to get the paper this morning, there were loads of deer hoof prints just outside the door.


My neighbor hit three at once a couple of nights ago right up the street and demolished his front end.  I saw the wrecker hauling it off this morning, while I was shoveling snow, again.

Just last night , I starting reading this book:

The Hidden Life of Deer

I learned that whitetail deer are the most written about mammals in the world, mostly coming from the hunting angle.  The writer closely studied the habits of deer that came to feed at her farm in Vermont.  Last night, I fell asleep with images of deer traveling their ancient paths, and then the first thing that  I see when I walk out the door in the half dark is the evidence of a  multitude of actual deer at my doorstep, eating the shrubs around the house.

2 thoughts on “Deer In the Dooryard

  1. Tom — I love how you read about the deer and then woke up to all the deer prints!! So magical! Pics are great. It’s funny, we – here in Northeastern CT – have so much wildlife. I see alot of deer in my own backyard (that’s the name of my blog too!) everyday. It’s scary because they don’t seem to be afraid of us and have gotten quite tame really. My son’s girlfriend is from Maine (Acton) and she is always excited to see the deer here in our yard because she doesn’t see them much in Maine. I guess they are just wiser there and try not to make their presence known?! I will check out the “deer” book. I am currently readinh “A Passion fro Nature — The Life Of John Muir” a great biography of Muir by Donald Worster. Very detaild and a good read – as one might expect. Take care Tom — thx for your diligent accounts of your advetures and the pics and video that go along with it!
    sheri (in CT)


  2. Sheri

    Tom, I love how you were reading about deer at night – dreamed abouth them – then woke in the morning to deer prints outside your door! How magical! Here, in Northeastern CT, we see deer every day in our yard. They are practically tamed – which is not a good thing, becuase we do have hunters and I do hear the gun shots — poor things! My son’s girlfriend is from Maine (Acton) and she always marvels at seeing the deer crossing our driveway. I guess they are smarter in Maine and try to stay hidden. I will have to check out the “deer book” you mentioned. I am currently reading a biography of John Muir by Donald Worster, “A Passion for Nature, The Life of John Muir” – very detailed. Good read- amazing life! Thx for sharing! ~sheri (in CT)


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