Santa knew! Christmas 2009 gifts.

Here is what I got for Christmas this year:
A carload of free coal on Dec. 24!  Mine for the taking, as long as I wore a bandana over my face to keep from choking on the dust, shoveled it out of the bin in a basement 18 miles away,  passed each bucket out of a door in the foundation, hauled them to the car, out of the car, into an outbuilding, washed the coal dust off my face , and stretched my back out. This is a holdover gift from 2008, as I had not completely cleared out a bin full of coal that has been sitting in a friend’s basement since, maybe 1952! Each 5 gallon bucket hold about 50 pounds of coal.

A video: “Lion King” is at it again. Another long trail down and another great film. This time the ‘Lion King’ tackles the Pacific Crest Trail, a grueling 2,600 miles, give or take. Lion King sets off from Mexico and heads for Canada, on foot, of course. This film touches on the travails and joyous moments that occur when you are hiking a long, long distance. This is not a ‘How To’ film but more a study of what it takes to do it, the culture and the great people you meet along the way.  I’m not in agreement that the soundtrack is ” marvelous”, but there is some footage here there is thrilling. The end of the video, which stretched way past when he should have left the trail in Washington in the ice and snow is motivation for anyone who is planing such a trip to keep those town break days in mind when movin’ north.

A book: “New York City-based journalist Wilkinson consulted 60 experts—among them Andrew Weil, M.D. (on wellness), Ina Garten (on the kitchen), Rabbi Harold Kushner (on the spirit)—to compile lists of all the top requirements for a healthy life. Here, she categorizes her findings into three handy sections: “Body” (e.g., exercise, nutrition), “Mind” (e.g., connection, acceptance), and “Spirit” (setting aside time for reflection, having a sense of purpose). Particularly suited to busy people who want to cover all bases of life improvement in the least amount of time; highly recommended for all libraries.” –Library Journal

A storage solution: It’s the Smart Spin!  What more can I say?   I know that my receiving this product will finally shut up my cursing and rummaging around in this big kitchen drawer with 30 years of assorted and lidless containers .  Here’s the actual before and after scene. Its true!  

A piece of camping gear:  Silk jacquard 36 inch size “wild rag”.  The wild rag has long functioned in the west as much more than merely an adornment.  Silk wild rags are  made of a natural, breathable silk that helps wick away moisture and filter out the wind.  They have been used in summer heat to keep cool and winter cold to keep warm.  Wild rags can be worn over the face to filter out wind too.  They use them out west as an alternative to duct tape or to help doctor hurt animals. This is the more colorful one of the two that Santa brought me.   More “trail flair” for me.

2 thoughts on “Santa knew! Christmas 2009 gifts.

  1. I remember my father telling me that once when he was a kid his mother thought he had been bad so all he got in his Christmas stocking was a lump of coal. Those were hard times! Coal rocks, free coal is liking finding many diamonds….


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