Dark Days Ahead

Now that it is dark by 5 PM, I have to make a shift in my exercise approach.  All those daylight hours made riding and hiking  easier in late afternoon and evening.  I’m now getting up as I usually do at 5-5:30 AM ( no alarm required)  and for three mornings this week went outside and walked High St.,  starting in the pitch black and coming into the hacienda at daybreak an hour and 15 minutes later, with just about 5 miles walked before breakfast.  It makes for a good day.

Me and my favorite" road" bike

Riding my bikes is harder now than in the summer. I rode 20 miles Friday, back and forth to a meeting in Camden.   It was my maiden voyage on the new single speed road bike I won in a raffle.  Yes, no shifting, but we have all these hills here and I was able to grunt up all of them except for a 20 foot steep section of Moody Mountain Road where I was just not able to turn the pedals.  My heart was pounding so that I felt like my chest was going to explode.  I had to walk the bike!  So, I may trade out the rear gear for a slightly larger one just to be able to most all the hills around here.  I live at about 420 feet elevation, and Camden is at sea level. Heading north, I have to get up and over Moody Mountain at over 900 feet.  I think the single speeds are more for flat roads, the bike it might be good for training.   Maybe the bike is made for Florida and it made a mistake coming to Lincolnville, Maine ?

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