Paradise (Valley)? No backpacking this week!

Went for a 7 mile, two hour walk this afternoon along the Yellowstone River, here in Montana.

Yellowstone River
Yellowstone River

My hands froze inside my winter gloves and the footpath alternated between slippery clay , squishy ruts and solid ground that was actually frozen mud. Nevertheless, it was totally satisfying to walk in this huge landscape, with views off to the south of Livingston Peak. It is likely that the watercourse of River had not changed in any appreciable way since the Lewis and Clark expedition came ashore here below Sheep Mountain. Clark and his party stopped in present-day Livingston for a few hours rest on their way through here.
I had a list of outdoor things I wanted to do here that are not going to happen, due to the weather:
-mountain bike ride
-off road motorcycle ride
-overnight backpack trip in Yellowstone
-climb Bunsen Peak in Yellowstone

There is now  two and half feet of snow in the mountains that has accumulated since October 1. The weather here is comparable to what they experience here in January, with the temperature dropping to 3 degrees tonight.  Whaaa?

Montana is a trip .  The front page  of the newspaper has advertising about  game processing.

Front Page News
Front Page News

Instead of recycling, at the dump glass is stashed in a pile that is ground up and mix in with landfill.

Recycling?  Naahhh!
Recycling? Naahhh!

I like the smaller footprint of the houses here, and what can be better than walking out the door in the morning,  head two blocks over to the local convenience store where I can get a hot cup of coffee and purchase daily newspapers.

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