Walking Map 6: Final Rant.

Is there anyone who might care about what is like to hike out the Appalachian Trail in Maine in the Fall season ?  Someone other than all the thru hikers who are still Northbound, starting Southbound, or flip flopping South from North?  In these last 50 miles, I’m the only one who isn’t some form of a 2009 AT thru hiker. If it wasn’t for all the hopefuls out here still working their long distance luck, all these hostels, hiker hotels, and shuttle drivers would be going broke.
Bottom line- it is drop dead gorgeous hiking our here on old Maine AT Map 6.  It’s the light in the early morning and late afternoon that’s the big deal,  a rarefied, golden light that is cool and so thick you’d think you could bottle it.  Maybe that’s what beer was originally all about, man’s subliminal attempt to encapsulate and then ingest that special light.  No matter. It was there this week, mostly twice a day, and plenty of it.
On my last day, I never saw anyone other than Bear Bait. It’s one of the the Top 5 weather weekends of the summer! You can walk up here easily from Route 27!   So, here’s more evidence for the couch potato appearing on the heavy play rotation front page Bangor Daily News story about the approaching majority citizen, the overweight and Type 2 Diabetes-in-training Mainer.
Hello!   Where is every body? Not out here, walking and sleeping in the forests like the medieval souls traveling via the most incredible, fuel efficient two-heeled drive means available.  I gotta tell ya, it’s the ultimate gift. Walking  does it for me.

2 thoughts on “Walking Map 6: Final Rant.

  1. I think i fixed the comment problem on my blog as well, turns out it was a crazy when i got back off the trail so i’m still putting everything back together from my journals. great to hear from you uncle tom.


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