One of the best blogs ( another wordpress.com user like myself) out there regarding lightweight backpacking gear is Lighthiker’s World. His current entry is from July 20, at a European Outdoor 2009 gear event. The guy gets around. Check the sidebar for additional interesting blogs. There are manufacturer names that are referred to that are not popular in the US, but could be explored through Google searches. Marmot, Golite, and Henry Shire’s Tarptents are well represented.

Henry Shire's new Moment
Henry Shire's new Moment

Vaude’s Scutum Ultralight won the Gold award in the tent category. I initially misread it as the Scrotum.  They may want to change that name if they market it in the USA. I can see it unfolding now.  Bad enough that the AT has a newly crowned salty reputation as a hot place to link up after loverboy Gov. Mark Sanford tried to use a trip there as a cover to his tryst in Argentina. Now it will be, “Wait till you to check out my new award winning Scrotum that I picked up online at Geardealguy.com !”

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