Even More Baking on the titanium Bushcooker Lt 1

Second variation– tin can setup, using three standard charcoal briquettes, and 1 oz. alcohol in shoe polish lid under the burner. This time I used two tin cans: a used 10 3/4 oz. tin can (Campbell’s soup), and a 11 oz. coffee can.
After I lit the alcohol, I grabbed a pot stand fin and held the Lt 1 above the alcohol flame, preheating the finned burner at the bottom of the stove, thinking it might help ignite the charcoal sooner. I think it will be standard procedure for me to to put a pot of water on the unit, taking advantage of the flame stage of the baking process. I measured the temperature of the water after the flames died down and it got up to 150 degrees, a reasonable temperature for a cup of tea, maybe drip coffee ?

I threw a Canadian black tea bag into the pot and put it aside to steep. Then I mixed up 1/4 C of water and a half( 3.8 oz. of mix) bag of Betty Crocker Cheese-Garlic Bisquick Complete mix . I lined the soup can with the parchment paper, and spooned in the mix.
I formed a heat diffuser out of piece form a a roll of corrugated aluminum flashing. Next I placed the diffuser on top of a base of a coffee can I had in my kitchen bin.

Heat diffuser set-up
Heat diffuser set-up
The soup can went on top of that, then the inverted coffee can went over that as a cover. There was enough room all around the soup can to allow for convection heating.
Improvised wind shield, cooker set-up and ditched aluminum diffuser part
Improvised wind shield, cooker set-up and ditched aluminim diffuser part

Problem #1- I thought the cooking would be done in about 20 minutes, but the little oven was not hot enough with the diffuser in place, so I chucked the crinkled the diffuser and placed the setup directly on top of the base of a coffee can. Much better. Checking the product 10 minutes later I saw the top was still needing a bit more heat, so I simply slid the biscuit out of the can (with the help of the parchment paper), flipped it upside down and put it on the base for a few more minutes of cooking.

Things came out done, but I’m not going to recommend these cheese garlic biscuits, as the taste isn’t quite cheese, or even true garlic but something weird in between. I think I’ll stick with the Lemon Poppy Seed muffin mix for the trials.
By the way, I have a great idea for improving this tin can method.

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