Baking with the titanium Bushcooker Lt1

Baking with this stove is best accomplished using charcoal. In this experiment, I used three commercial charcoal briquettes. I felt it would be easier and more standardized to use them here. In the Northeast, there is ample charcoal left in the numerous fire rings that are omnipresent on backpacking trails. Those lumps of fuel are real charcoal, and can serve as an excellent alternative fuel source if they are primed with alcohol, as noted below.It is difficult to control a burn with alcohol, which is either 100 % full on or nothing.

Several items are needed to allow for convection baking.

Grease pot, muffin tin, cozy
Grease pot, muffin tin, cozy

My MSR .8 liter pot is not wide enough to be an effective baker. I found a Walmart grease pan in my camping bin that looked like it would work. I rummaged around the house and shaped a thin aluminum container ( muffin tin) to fit into the grease pan.   Taking a tip from Tinny, of Minibull Designs, I put a few small rocks on the bottom of the pan, which raised the bottom of the “muffin tin” from direct heat, setting up the convection situation. I lined the tin with parchment paper, which makes cleanup nonexistent, spooned in the add-water-only muffin mix, and put the lid on.

The next step requires wrapping a cozy around the pot. I was out at my camp for the baking, so my gear options were limited.   I found a “cozy” made out of double faced bubble wrap that wasn’t a perfect fit, but passed for adequate with the addition of a short piece of electrical wire to tie it shut and a block of firewood wood to seal the folded top down.

Next, I fired up the small Bushcooker Lt1, filling a shoe polish tin cover with 1 oz. of alcohol , igniting it, and then placing the BK1 (with 3 charcoal briquettes inside) on top of the tin. This step is necessary to preheat , ignite and glow the charcoal briquettes.

Why waste the heat?  I put a pot of water on the stove to boil up a cup of tea, while I was waiting the 10 minutes for the charcoal to ignite.

Improvised insulating cover on top of Lt1
Improvised insulating cover on top of Lt1

When the flame died down and the charcoal was starting to glow, I put the assembled baker on top of the stove, and after I waited a half hour or so, my giant muffin was cooked to perfection.

Finished product
Finished product

It must have been good, because it was all gone after some of my friends came over to visit.

More tests later.

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