Canoe camping with a new woodburing backpacking stove

I was supposed to be up to Lobster Lake today, starting a three day canoe trip, but it got postponed. We’ve moved it to next week. We could not deal with this record rain, it has not stopped. Should be a good trip, food and coffee will be featured, plus I hope to be testing a new titanium wood backpacking stove, the Bushcooker Lite, which was just released by Don Kivilus, of Four Dog Stoves, out of Minnesota.   Here is a shot of the stove:

Bushcooker Light 2
Bushcooker Light 2.

This stove is only 4 inches in diameter and 5 inches high and weighs 3.5 ounces.  Don has engineered it so that it burns alcohol, solid fuel tabs, charcoal, wood, or any available biomass. I’ll have videos and a full report after next week.

3 thoughts on “Canoe camping with a new woodburing backpacking stove

  1. This is a fine looking stove – I’m impressed with how light it is. I’ve been using the Trail Designs Ti-Tri Caldera which also is a 3 fuel type backpacking stove. I’ll be very interested to see you videos.

    The link to Four Dog Stoves brings me to the web site but the site doesn’t appear to have the Bushcooker on it?

    BackpackBaseCamp Blog


    1. The three new Bushcooker models are so new that Don has not even put them on Four Dog Stove web site yet. If you go to the site, be sure to hit the Catalog link, and then go under Bush Gear. Don’s original Bushcooker is there now, this is where the new models will likely go. I’ll email him and ask him if I can post the page with the new models on it. Check back to my blog later.


  2. Looks pretty cool. I usually take along a gas stove but there are some times where I don’t need rocket booster power to cook stuff. This thing would be awesome for longer trips.


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