WiFi on every mountain top, or in the car, or ( mostly) everywhere?

I  used a Pocketmail device to type up a daily report on my 2007 AT Thru hike. Whenever I got to a land line phone, I sent an e-mail via the Pocketmail to my transcriber, who then posted it to Trailjournals.com. I may just ditch the Pocketmail, as  I am very intrigued by the release of the MiFi today ( May 17, 2009)  by Verizon.  It would be a drop in weight ( MiFi = 2 oz.) , and mega step increase in utility.  It appears that communication maybe be much simpler now for those of us who like to post trip writeups for others who closely follow our adventures. With the MiFi device, I could just carry my iPod Touch, and my Solio solar charger for both. You should be able to fire up the MiFi whereever there is a Verizon signal, and have an instant personal ( wireless) WiFi umbrella where ever you are. I’m going to check this out. The cost is not that bad if I can live with the $40 monthly charge for limited data transmission, which works out to $1.33 a day. You can have up to 5 people on it at one time. Maybe I can make friends easier out there if hikers  know they can get a free WiFi hotspot if they hang around with me ( at least within a 25 foot range of my presence).   Check out the following David Pogue NY Times article.

3 thoughts on “WiFi on every mountain top, or in the car, or ( mostly) everywhere?

  1. Charles

    Great journal. Susan is sitting on the couch doing schoolwork on her school laptop, but I got her to stop long enough to look at the guy showing off the scratches and dings in his Old Town canoe, which happens to be identical to ours, although ours has considerably fewer and less dramatic gouges. She wants to do the Allagash. I have forwarded your email to her and suggested she take a look at your log first…


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