Spring May Have Arrived

I had a great day yesterday, combining some decent work with spending time outside.  I have been traveling to work via tiny airplane to Vinalhaven Island one day a week for the past five weeks, and the weather yesterday made for the best flight yet. I was in the plane by 6:55 AM, riding out with the mail.  Inside the tiny storage compartment there was a racket I had never heard before on any of my prior flights.  Amongst the mail was a box of baby chickens, cheeping away like crazy. The ride only takes 10 minutes, with a takeoff from Knox County Regional Airport in Owls Head.  A quick ascent to 2,500 feet then the descent to the scary, sketchy gravel rumble strip of a landing zone carved out between rocks and trees.  Here is a shot of the Penobscot Bay islands:

Penobscot Bay
Penobscot Bay

I finished work and was whisked off to my return flight at 1:15 PM.  The views were just as good as in the morning.

In the afternoon, I decided to walk the Uncle Tom trail, and took Jody the dog along.  It was really fun walking in the woods again, with soft easy footpath, and just a start of shoots rising up out of the ground. On top of the ridge up near 1,000 feet I found one huge cluster of daffodils near an abandoned stone wall, likely planted there by someone, who lived maybe generations ago.  When I came home, I played with Woolie in the field for a while.


In three weeks I take 10 days to canoe the Allagash Wilderness Waterway.  We hope to squeeze some decent traveling days just after ice out and just before black fly hatch.

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