Winter Camping at Acadia National Park- Day 3 of 3

Our final night was punctuated by strong winds and a rapidly dropping thermometer,  twin siblings of a high front moving in from the northwest.   The moon was out and the interior of the white cotton tent was remarkably bright.
On my nightly foray to bladder duty, I was immediately impressed with the cold, and we agreed that it was probably in the single numbers by dawn.  When I returned to my sleep spot I draped my extra sleeping bag over my body to keep the cold off my hips.  I also put on my woolen long johns, and was able to drift right back into a very comfortable place until the morning.
I broke another pattern and just laid in bed as others were stirring.  V8 woke up first, scrummed up some kindling, and soon had a crackling fire going that had the tent warming up in less that 10 minutes.  Then it was Auntie Mame’s turn to cook us up a breakfast of orange juice, thick slices of French toast, with butter, maple syrup, sausage, and some very strong coffee .  We didn’t have far to go today, and lingered over seconds, and in my case thirds.
All we had on our next plate this morning was to pack up the sleds and walk on the snow for a mile back to the car.

V8 Surveying the Pack Job
V8 Surveying the Pack Job

It took little time to stuff our own gear away, roll up the pads, take down the tent, and load up the sleds.

Uncle Tom Loading Up
Uncle Tom Loading Up

Birdlegs was willing to cuddle Judy all the way down the trail.

Gotta Go
Gotta Go

This trip was doubly important to me, as I got the chance to collect all my winter gear for the first time this season.  I regret forgetting my rubber boots, but I am not going to make that mistake again.
A super crew on this excursion.  It is a total pleasure for me to hang out with women who are experienced at taking care of themselves in the outdoors, and who make me laugh.

I have three more trips coming up in March.
On March 4, Bad Influence, Rangoon and I are all set to walk the length of Moosehead and Seboomook Lakes, pulling toboggans for almost a week.
On the weekend of March 13, I head up to Tanglewood 4H camp to spend a weekend in a tiny cabin with the six members of my “Board of Personal Advisers”.

On March 21, I’ve rented the new Ski Lodge cabin in Camden Hills State Park.  They’ll be ten of us in there for a couple of days.

Read all about them, here.

2 thoughts on “Winter Camping at Acadia National Park- Day 3 of 3

  1. James Michaud

    Can’t wait to hear about your Mooshead trip! I’d love to do something like that but I have no experience or the gear for it. Good Luck!


  2. Michelle

    I have to admit — I was in it mainly for the Jody-dog cuddling (which i got plenty of). Thanks for a great trip and a stellar write-up. Until our next adventure…


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