High Street Personalities

I  had planned to hit the gym early and do a Spinning class, but it didn’t  happen.  Things worked out, as they do, and the day was warm and the road was melted down.  I put the orthotics in , slipped on my trail shoes, and did a quick 5 miles on High St. later this afternoon.  The light was inspiring,  and I felt a twinge of spring in the air.  I was practicing my modified gait.   On one end of the street I watched a motorcycle apporach me, which slowed and stopped.  I did not know who it was, didn’t recognize the bike or the rider, who was swaddled in insulated Carharts and was sporting a full faced helmet.

“It’s me, Gabe Finkelstein .  I have a bike now!”

Gabe was showing off his almost new Suzuki DR 650 dual sport bike that he had picked up in November.  He had the bike registered and was looking forward to taking a licensing course in a couple of weeks.  We talked bike for a bit and he shoved off with a huge grin on his face.  He is a top level mountain bike rider who told me that morning runs on Mt. Pleasant over the snowmobile trails were really prime right now, especially after a good freezing night.  I’m going to move on that one, may call Nelson and head over there this week.

A half and hour later I was up the other end of High St.  I had the iPod doing its thing, when I thought I heard some yelling, and turned around to see a mountain bike steaming along.  It was one of my riding buddies, the local brewer, Andy Hazen.  His legs were really pumping and I cheered him on as he went by.  I thought he was heading off on one of our loops, a 10 miler we sometimes do up Moody Mountain and then around and back from Searsmont.  A few minutes later I saw him heading back towards me.

” I just did the 10 mile loop, and wanted to do an extra two miles!”

I love this neighborhood, out here in the sticks.

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