Bacon, butter fuel fastest South Pole trek

Often we discuss the value of high calorie foods when on a long exhausting hike.

090109-south-pole-vmed-150awidec1The following article, from today’s wire services, announces the ultimate calorie dense fuel for walking in the cold.  While it sounds outlandish, natives living in perpetual ice and cold have long utilized calorie dense diets of whale, walrus  and seal fat.

Adventurers set new record by completing 700-mile expedition in 33 days.

But for even more amusement, how about this?

“Mags” Magnanti’s actual complete diet on his three week traverse of the Colorado Trail!   Click on the link below, for expanded information. His primary caloric source  was 58 Snickers bars, and #2 sources was GORP!

Colorado Trail 2004 – Calories Consumed and Miles Per Day Hiked–<
Written by Paul “Mags” Magnanti
Tuesday, 14 February 2006


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