Alchohol stoves from Maine

I just picked up a couple of new alcohol stoves from Tinny at .  The company is based here in Maine, up in the tiny berg of Corrina. Tinny appears to be a machinist, who used to work at the now defunct Sylvania light bulb plant up that way.  His website is more than interesting, with beaucoup Youtube productions of his stoves in action.  At last count, he has 21 types in production.  He also has a video blog with clips of his machinery in action.  One of his recent videos reports that he finished up order number seven hundred and something.  His stuff is machined very well, and his stoves, although presenting at first glance as typical soda can variety, are a step up from home made, as they have none of the high temperature tape or JB Weld assembly approaches that we home tinkerers resort to.  All his stoves are constructed using a press fit with a hot roll crimp at the base to lock the two halves together. There is no tape or glue used in the construction.
I bought the Magic Mouse #1 and the Elite#2.
The Magic Mouse #1

Magic Mouse #1
Magic Mouse #1

is tiny, just over an inch in diameter and just over two inches high, costing $20.  It does not require a stand or pre-heater lid to boil water, as Tinny employs an ingenious bonded wick method to prime the unit.

I also like the Elite#2, weighing in at just 0.2 ounces, costing $10.   It is another weentzer, constructed from two energy drink cans and jetted to burn 90% pure alcohol at a rate of 1oz in 10 minutes.  This is a very frugal stove perfect for the solo backpacker who is counting grams and only cooking for one. According to Tinny, using this stove and burning frugally, you can cook 32 meals on one 16oz bottle of fuel.

The ELITE will preheat and blossom in about 15 seconds. Once preheated simply place your pot directly on top of the stove and begin cooking.

Elite #2
Elite #2

I plan to use either of these two stoves as back up units with my woodburning set up, detailed on a previous blog post.  They will easily fit inside the woodburner, along with a 4 OZ. squeeze bottle of alcohol.
I like supporting a maine business as well.  Service was very quick.
Check out Tinny’s everchanging video blog entries, again accesible from his web site.  The man has energy.

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