At 85 Years Old, Still Bagging Peaks

Super article in today’s NY Times on Fred Beckey ( hotlink) , who’s looking for at least one  climbing partner on his trip to Spain.  Be sure to check out the 4 minutes video of Fred still climbing.

From this series in the Times:  “There is a kind of athlete groomed for the field of play, the kind who answers to a coach, who endures the rigors of practice for the rewards of an organized competition. For that athlete the games end after eighteen holes, nine innings, four quarters, three sets or two halves.  And then there is the other kind of athlete who chooses to go it alone, away from manicured lawns or parquet courts. Pushing the Limit, a series by The New York Times, chronicles these athletes who confront an opponent that must be mastered, not beaten: A mountain, a ramp, the wind and the waves, a slope, the city streets, a sheet of ice, a track or perhaps no track at all”. — Michael Brick

Reading about Fred helped me head out at 7 AM today and get to the YMCA for a decent workout before the snows  affected travel.

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