November 24, 2008

Something big happened to me today.

I really got hit in the gut, real hard,  with the realization that I am actually on track to start walking the Pacific Crest Trail sometime around the third week of April in 2010. It is a long walk from Mexico to Canada.



It is the “realest” perception that I have received in a long time.  My chest aches for the long connection with living outside and engaging in the sheer act of walking for months on end.
Two days ago, I tried to find some Trailjournals of folks that have been out in the big West on the PCT.  I thought that Yogi’s Trailjournals of her PCT hikes would be a good place to start, but her’s are no longer on Trailjournals.

I just went to the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail Website .  It was a thrilling link to explore.


I do not take lightly the idea of just what a National Scenic Trail means.  There are only 8 of them, and the PCT is the longest.
It is going to be “real tough”.
What a country we live in.
Any shmuck , including me, can just start at the Mexican border and live out our own incredible adventure walking though history via deserts, as we passing glaciers and  even get a chance to ascend a 14,000 foot peak on our quest to reach the Canadian border.

2 thoughts on “November 24, 2008

  1. Robert Aspinwall

    Hey Uncle Tom,
    Its Spaceman (I hiked with Forrest we were also called the gourmet boys)! Glad to come across your blog. How is life post AT for you? It sounds like you are staying as active as ever and I am impressed with all of your adventures! I am currently working up in Erie, PA on a tall ship called the US Brig Niagara which is ~170 square rigged ship. My job is the Boatswain where I am in charge of the ship’s rigging and maintenance. It’s a great job where I work for the state and last summer we sailed to all five great lakes. Well I hope all is well give my best to Rangoon, Bad Influence and General Tso.


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