We have our first winner!

Inov-8 shoes!
Coming out of England, Inov-8 wins the customer service contest, hands down!

In April, I was down for Trail Days in Damascus, VA where I  met Mark Lundblad, who was promoting the Inov-8 sport shoe line for Sundog Outfitters.  Mark had the new Roclite 295’s  with him and I bought a pair, due to the fact that they had even more forefoot room and cushion than the three pairs of Terroc 330’s that I had successfully used on my 2007 AT thru-hike.  I love the fit of the new shoe, but the stitching on the outside of the right toe had already begun to unravel at the flex point.  I had not put more than 100 miles on the shoe.  I felt it was a design flaw, that the exposed stitching was prematurely weakened by abrasion against the rough granite we rub our feet against as we hike these New England trails.

I sent Mark an e-mail.  I had his business card and he had requested that I get back to him about my impressions of the shoe.   Mark answered my e-mail the day I contacted him.  At first , he suggested that  I contact corporate in MA or to Sundog in Damascus for return.

But he quickly suggested that I  send him  digital picture to save shipping and time.  I took some closeups of the shoe and the next day Mark made me an offer to trade up to the brand new Rocklite 370 boot at no cost for shipping and at a hugely discounted price.  The Roclite 370 boot retails for $ 130.00.  I received the new boots the next day.

Me be happy!  The fit is excellent, the shoes are extrememly light and I look forward to wearing them on my next backpacking trip.  Way to go Inov-8!

Inov-8 boots
Inov-8 boots

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