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On Aug. 5, 2008, ultra-runner Karl Meltzer set off on the biggest race of his life. His challenge: to run the entire length of the 2,174-mile Appalachian Trail in less than 47 days. Definitely daunting. Absolutely grueling. Probably insane. His website has many photos, and lots of short videos of the sloppy, watercourse trail conditions in Maine. Today, he’s up over Mt. Washington. This video was taken on day 4, Aug. 8, less than a week ago..

3 thoughts on “RiverCrossing

  1. dabber

    Tom… I’ve been following Karl. He’s doing it. Pushing the ‘hike your own hike’ envelope… but doing it none the less… from what I’ve noticed, the trailjournals crowd don’t like it. Karl has tried to notify that he’s making this SOBO but nobody has responded favorably on trailjournals… which I’ve found interesting. My plans for next spring or may I say, my thru-hike have changed. Now I will hike for three months starting from Springer Mountain and see how far I can get. I’ll be a section hiker, I guess. Work I thought I could complete this year but could not was because of our not being able to get our copper guy to do the work. So there is next year. Something may change… but also I like that I don’t have to pressure myself about finishing. I don’t like the heat. I think I will get well into Virginia at least before I come back to Maine.
    I’ve bought a beautiful old sail boat I want to get back to and that’s what’s changed my mind about completing the hike in one summer. I want to get back to the job and sailing.


  2. dabber

    By the way… I’ve chosen “dabber” (this is Peter McGlamery speaking), as my trail name and my blog name. Find my trailjournal under dabber and also my wordpress blog is dabber.
    I’ve enjoyed your writing pertaining to all the hiking and especially the piece about Birdleg’s finishing her hike. I read her whole trailjournal up to where she stopped because of the strange man.
    My hiking plans and my trailname are subject to change.


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