Day 2, Pemigewassett Wilderness Loop

Start at Thirteen Falls tent site, end at Guyot tent site = 7 miles

It rained during the night, and Marcia’s things got a bit wet from my lack of care in lowering the side walls of the Double Rainbow. I never woke up. Most of my gear was still dry except for a small wet spot of my shirt.
We wandered up under the public blue tarp, where I took my time firing up the wood stove and heated my coffee water. We both had cold cereal with powdered milk.
Eventually we packed up and left the site at 8:45 AM.
It was a gradual uphill of 2.6 miles to the Galehead AMC Hut, and the AT. We were hungry again. I bought a envelope of “ Java Juice” for $2, reconstituted it with some hot water and requested a bowl of hot soup, for another $2. It was just right. We were the only people in the Hut besides the Crew . They told us they had no clients the night before.
The grinding up hill came on as soon as we left the Hut. We had an 1100 foot elevation gain to make in the next 0.8 mile. This converts into very steep hauling. It was a slow 1 MPH plod to the top of South Twin mountain. Here were on top:

We ate our lunch on the top, out of the wind, in a sheltered spot beside a rock.

Before we set off a young man came upon us from the north- our first thru-hiker. He didn’t have a trail name yet, and had departed Mt. Katahdin on April 29. He was really ‘up”, pumped to be heading toward mt. Moosilaukee.
He said, “ After I go over Moosilaukee I can really get to move!”
I told him I thru-hiked the AT last season and after I told him I was uncle Tom, he said that he had read comments either by me, or about me in a number of registers in the shelters to the north.
We stayed up high on the AT , winding our way through the rocks and roots until we turned right in a rock field and headed toward Mt. Guyot , some 0.7 mile off the AT. We were now on the Bondcliff Trail.
The Guyot tent site is probably 0.2 mile off the Bondcliff trail, but has one of the best shelters around. It is clean, had double decks for sleeping, and a clear strong spring right in front. The scene is very alpine-like, and is spread over a steep slope. The shelter itself has a steep slippery ladder leading frm the ground up to the first floor platform.

There was only one other fellow in the shelter, a man named Scott, who came up from the Philadelphia area. We got along just fine.
We all cooked up in the shelter, and were cleaned up by 6 PM.

It was cool and there were no insects to bite us.

Marcia tried her hand at playing Barbara Walters and ran this 4 minute video of our daily summary:

Lovely end to the day.

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