You Name It, Exercise helps It ..

Great article in the 4/29/08 New York Times with the above title written by Jane Brody. (Hit the link in the last sentence to get the full article.) The article not only covers the protective role of exercise in the ability to lower the risk of a litany of diseases but discusses the body’s ability to battle the effects of disease.

“It’s crazy not to do it.”

OK, but what about the chance component of contracting diseases? Chance plays a role in the body’s struggles, and may be linked to genetics. Just yesterday I received an email from an acquaintance’s wife that he had suddenly died from a brain tumor, living just two months after receiving his diagnosis. Tom was 56 years old, and the healthiest person most of us knew.

As long as we are in the area of health, what about all this talk about drinking lots of water? I became intruigued about the folk wisdom around trying to drink two to three quarts of water a day, for health, on my AT thru hike. Watching the guys who were not carrying much water, and who would drink when they hit water sources, got me thinking. Then I read  this ariticle I saw in the Times:  Put the Water Bottle Down.    The article is the usual , well-researched work, required of the Times.   They failed to find any scientific evidence that 8 glasses of water daily were a requirement for the  needs  of an otherwise healthy person.

One thought on “You Name It, Exercise helps It ..

  1. Regardless of whether drinking 8 glasses of water a day is actually more healthy or not, for many people it’s still valuable advice. When you’re hiking or engaged in other conscientious physical activity it’s easier for most people to get a feeling for what their bodies need in terms of input, it’s your primary concern. When folks are working in offices or living in cities etc I think it can be harder and harder for us to listen to our physical needs and simple mantra’s like “drink more water” can make a big difference not just in hydration but in consciousness.


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