Back at the Church of two Wheels

It has started again.  Another clump of big outdoor pursuits is resurrected.  The two wheeled kind.  In the last 24 hours, I have taken two tough bicycle rides, and then fired up one of my motorcycles and  taken a short ride to picnic with some old friends.

I was up to my neighbor Andy’s on Saturday, buying a discount case of beer when he asked me if I wanted to ride bikes with him that afternoon.  Andy has a brewry, “Andrew’s”  right in the old barn.

“Sure” , I said, but then Andy told me that he had been riding all winter long in his house, on  a machine that allows him to ride his bike inside ( wind trainer).  That meant he was in shape. I really wasn’t .  We rode  hard 75 minutes over the back streets of Lincolnville and Belmont, ME later that day.  I took my road bike, which took a while for me to get ready, as the chain was screwed up and I had to work on it for about a half hour to get it right.  Pretty greasy and dirty.  Andy had a computer on his bike and at the end of the ride, he told me we were able to maintain a 17.8 MPH pace, which was shockingly good for such a hilly ride.  I wasn’t much good for the rest of the evening, was spent, and went to bed at 8:30 that night.

The next morning I got out the bike again , and rode to Camden to pick up the Maine  Sunday Telegram and the New York Times, my favorite papers.  It was an 18 mile round trip, over lots of hills.  It wasn’t too bad.

Then at noon, I fired up my Kawasaki KLR 650 motorcycle and met my friend Steve for our annual Great Northern BMW Riders to ride to our annual picnic.  We have been a club for 25 years now, and do this the last Sunday in April every year since the early 1980’s.

Spring is here, and I call it my rededication to one of my religious affiliations, The Church of Two Wheels.

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