Newspapers can offer lessons in frugality

Newspapers can offer lessons in frugality, but you have to be sharp enough to sift through the pancaked fluff to get there.
How about “How To Survive in New York on 99 Cents””?

The author made dinners for a week from ingredients purchased from $.99 stores, culminating in such a meal prepared for friends. Rice, beans , nuts, and candy abound. Little Debbie products rule the dessert section, nonwithstanding the author’s (Henry Alford) description of the Oatmeal Creme Pie as one “whose velvety filing so perfectly captures an imagined marriage between butter-cream frosting and Noxema.”
The recipe for the popular pea soup was appreciated . There are “incredible values” that can be found in Dollar Stores, and “One man’s penny is another man’s dollar.”

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