Austin makes it

easy to enjoy life.  I was down there for a week, returning this past Sunday.

A string of 70 degree  blue sky days, and crisp clear nights held us closely.

Music, Mexican and barbeque foods, and  mountain biking out of the city on real trails with The Captain and Louis, my friends and part of MEGATEX from my 2007 Appalachian Trail thru-hike.
I saw a stunning concert by Bruce Springsteen in Houston. It involved  near 6 hours of driving, though. Traveling through the Texas countryside was part of the preparation for Springsteen’s unique take on our present, past, and future life here in the US of A.

Prominent in his set list were two tunes that have ascended to the Uncle Tom 2008 hiking Playlist: “Long Walk Home” and “Radio Nowhere”. For my money, these two tunes capture the raw experience of staggering around the Amercan experience right now, all that is honorable about it as well as the “No way, this is wrong!” storehouse of distress.

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